Wednesday, April 09, 2008

a long time ago...

i had no idea this book existed until a friend ( i call her boss -- my orig art editor & the reason for my ongoing fascination with pen & ink) asked me about it.

thanks for discovering the book for me!

in my last year in college, i was paid to do a series of acrylic paintings for a proposed poetry book. i remember just getting excited about being paid to illustrate.

i think there were 10 paintings. i had my then fiance (now my wife), a few classmates, cousins & myself as models. i also took photos of some homeless scenes in sf. i remember being inspired by the serious tone of the poetry, which i think is evident in the final work.

i'd like to create paintings with somber themes again. i have some ideas, but that's for my show. someday.

not really concerned about being published, i soon forgot about the book after i graduated. it was for a small publisher after all, and the chances for it going to print may have been remote at that time.

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