Wednesday, April 23, 2008

art school relic

found an old college assignment illustration, dusted off from the depth of the multi--folders of my computer. it's been years since i've seen this one.

 i think it was for the intro to photoshop class in the early years (i may have even used a mouse!). 

the assignment was to choose from existing objects & turn them into an illustration - no made up stuff. the only objects i remember was a toothpaste, typewriter & veggies (watermelon, carrots etc). 

i now get a good laugh at some of the techniques used, but i'm still pretty happy with the over all effect - unusual since i'm usually my worst critic, especially stuff from art school.

i don't remember much about this one, except that the dog was a proud moment for me.


Mindanao_Bob said...

Hi macky - I like this picture, it's neat the way the vegetables form into a person like that! Very creative!

Isn't it fun to go back and look at our work from long ago? Not only can we see the basic talent and skills that we still posses, but we can also see the progression and improvements that we have made over the years!

macky said...

hi bob - thanks for the compliment.

it's so true about what you said on looking back at past achievements. i certainly feel the same way, it's also fun to be reminded on who we were back then.