Sunday, May 11, 2008

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

first round musings

things i learned from the first round of the nba playoffs:

- though i am a long time sportsnut, i have ZERO experience rooting for a title contender. all the teams i have rooted for (except this year) were never expected to win it all (i.e. past celts teams, every philippine olympic team, barry bonds' sf giants, myself in video game matchups).

- i truly, truly suck at rooting for a winner. it's like swimming for the first time.

- lebron is a monster but the cavs are boring. there is no passing or set plays. - get.out.of.way - watch.him.score. boring.

- i will forever hate the lakers.

- work productivity will take a dive as long as the celts are in the hunt. potential catch 22.

- i miss the warriors. i do not miss dallas.

- the tv does not shout back even when you shout at it during games. my tv has good manners.

- the wife will slowly get more stressed out as the celtics go deeper because she has caught the celtic bug. even as she's trying to avoid it.

- kg needs to shoot more. ray allen should not guard the other team's best player.

- when i change the channel, the celtics will lose the lead.

- when i change the channel, the celtics will take the lead.

- i need to come up with a reply when people say "go celtics" when i (or aymone) is wearing my celtic hat. lame replies so far.

- spurs will win it all (current 0-2 hole in 2nd round is a problem though).