Sunday, January 17, 2010

catching up

since i've done a superb job in neglecting this blog in the month of november (and december!), here's a quick rundown on what i've been up to in this most recent move to the philippines.

just as i had planned, i'm beginning to branch out with respect to my art. art has, in recent years, mutated into a job and that can get tedious. it's time to return to the days when drawing was fun and not a means to a paycheck.

i always delighted in the idea of doing body painting, but this was not what i had in mind. so much for dreaming of swimsuit edition models. next please.

i do not usually accept side projects from friends. mostly because these type of requests create complications with my already jampacked work schedule (among other reasons).

but sometime in november, the clouds miraculously parted and a friend asked if i could design a quickie logo for a new fitness gym she was starting.
one major plus with the move to the philippines was freeing myself up and getting back in shape. over the years, the freelance illustrator lifestyle has wrought major damages to my lower back. now was the time to fix this thing & get back in shape.

i spend a great deal of time in the gym fixing myself. but there are also times i find myself venturing outdoors. like, for example, this one cloudy morning jogging the streets of davao.

and then there is the day job. the two chapter book series from competing publishers have kept me busy. also, after temporarily swearing off picture books so i could enjoy some free time, i've recently signed on to a halloween themed hidden picture book (i am so predictable).

i've also finished a few more flat stanley illustrations. the most recent of which was a mexico themed book which gave me a wonderful excuse to browse through my san miguel de allende pictures for photo references. i miss that town.

and there is also this thing about a new arrival coming in very soon.