Friday, October 29, 2010

Heeey batta batta batta swing batta!

As a young boy vacationing in San Francisco, I became a fan of the Will Clark/ Kevin Mitchell Giants team. But, to be honest, I didn't really know the game that much.

When I moved to San Francisco for college in 1997, things got serious. This latest version of the Giants were definitely my team. I'd listen to games on the radio and watch live games at the "Stick" (and later Pac Bell Park). "Pitch to Barry!" that's what we'd all say. Those years were great years to be a Giants fan.

Then, I graduated from college. Barry & the gang faded away. The losses piled up. I left for San Diego and then later to Mexico. I remained a fan & wore my trusty, worn out Giants hat whenever I could, but the team roster were no longer familiar to me.

Along the way, I made picture books (here & here) & illustrations with hints of my fan loyalty to the team. artwork with Giants colors & Pac Bell park quietly slipped into the pages. I just had to. Too easy.

Now, the Giants are in the World Series and I'm reveling in their success just like the old days.

Go Giants!

* artwork from my recent picture book: Baseball From A to Z