Sunday, June 20, 2010

End of the road.

I've mentioned before in this blog about my love for all things celtics, so it should come as no surprise that I am still reeling from last week's game 7 finals loss to the Lakers.

The damn Lakers.

Maybe I should be happy that this team even went this far. Just last March, I was silently expecting a first round flameout by the celtics.

Then they started moving up each round, taking down Wade, Lebron & Dwight Howard. We made it to the finals. It was celtics v. lakers. A series for all the marbles. We had to get this.

You know the rest of the story.

Still, it was great to root for a scrappy, feisty team that still had a puncher's chance at the title even until the final minute of the season's last game. I must admit, however, that this playoff run has left me exhausted & deflated.

I really shouldn't complain. They made the finals & I've seen much worse.

In the 90's, I was that awkward teen with a celtic hat, rooting for a 15 win team. Earlier that decade, I collected newspaper clippings about Reggie Lewis, the team's young star, collapsing on the court then dying of a heart condition.

There was coach M.L. Carr (gag!), coach Rick Pitino (blech!), a season's worth of tanking for a shot at the Tim Duncan lottery (and ending up with Ron Mercer), team captain & mr. celtic: Rick Fox, uncle Dominique Wilkins & his #12 celtic jersey, John freaking Bagley & then future savior, Vin Baker.

whew, I'm tired.

But come november, you can bet I'll be at it again. Rooting for the team in green.

I'll be ready.
Welcome to life as a celtic fan, kid.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Hey, neighbor.

the past weeks have been all about daily diapers & deadlines, so it was a nice to see a fresh new twist one morning. it looks like a tiny new neighbor is moving in and has been quietly building his new home in my bathroom window. seems like a nice spot for a new feathered family.

the little builder is at the top right of the photo, nervously watching me while perched on an outside wire.

one drawback is that i've now been consciously watching my time in the bathroom because it frightens away our little friend (let's call him larry joe bird.). au revoir, long showers.

hopefully, larry joe & his growing family sticks around & realizes we're not a threat. there's enough room for another new set of parents and their little baby in our house.