Tuesday, November 06, 2007

ant meets bug

i've totally forgotten about this and only remembered when i was googling my name last night (i know, i know. hey its fun).

my book "I Saw An Ant On The Railroad Track" is a 2007 ladybug picture book nominee. an award given out by the new hampshire state library (go celtics! sorry, couldn't resist). i have no clue if this is a big thing. but i know one thing, i can actually say these words "i am just happy to be nominated". haha.

i dont expect to win by the way. i'm like a giddy laurence fishburne in 1993, nominated for "whats love got to do with it", fully expecting tom hanks to bag the oscar for "philadelphia".

ooh, i just remembered this one while writing this -- man, my memory's bad. another book of mine, Take Me Out to The Ballgame" was also nominated for another award. the 2007 ben franklin nominee for the children's book and audio book category (independent book publishers association). quick search aaand...ok, i lost that one last may. damn you "A Frog Thing"!

being nominated for anything is nice and unexpected but i really just want to draw and be paid for it. avoiding the 9-5er anyway i can.

still, coming from a career C student who's won three awards his whole life:
cleanest tent - boy scouts in grade 6 (the makeshift garden was awesome)
postermaking award -- grade 1 ("mery christmas" -- still cant spell to this day)
NY society of illustrators student award -- now, this was cool.

just being recognized by the publishers is good enough for me.

***oh wait, four awards. judge's choice for a postermaking thing i did in high school. it was crap, but i did win 500 pesos for it. sweet.

Monday, November 05, 2007


if i could do this art and make bank, it'd be perfect for me. smart, challenging, opinionated and unpretentious.

he's been on the news recently because someone finally caught a picture of him. that part sounds too gimmicky for me. but his work is solid. link