Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thursday, August 20, 2009

the little things

with a bay area baby shower coming in a little over a week, i thought it would be a good idea to play with some fun designs in my account. here are a few of the designs i've ordered for the mom & our new arrival:

kuya means older brother in filipino (and winter is our westie). my wife chipped in this idea & i like it. the image on the right is the organic baby bodysuit that will go with this design. mom will also have a maternity shirt with just the westie art & the "winter" text on it.

this will also be printed on the organic baby bodysuit.
this one's *ahem* self-explanatory.

(because i'm also chasing work deadlines, i didn't have much time to tinker with the texts & decided to use photoshop default fonts instead. i would have preferred drawing the letters too (because it feels like cheating), but i think these designs worked out well in the end.

for the stainless steel travel mug.
same westie illustration as the one above. i added his favorite teddy bear/girlfriend (those are indentations on the bear's cheeks). this will allow the art to wrap around the mug.

maternity shirt (black).
this one's a last minute idea. i noticed that on the website's maternity dress template, you could place the design on the belly. so late one night, after a quick thumbnail doodle, i came upon the idea of illustrating a sleeping baby in the womb practicing his or her follow through.

the celtics outfit was a no-brainer, but the moon was a late, albeit suitable, addition. i needed something to frame the design and my wife has a thing for moons, so merging the two concepts felt like a personal 3am stroke of genius.


i've actually had thoughts of designing my own clothing for years now. i prefer not wearing shirts with logos & enjoy a well done print on them. so, this might be the shove i need to learn to print my own stuff. i already have plans to learn the printing craft on our next destination. we'll see. check back with me in a year.