Saturday, August 18, 2007

day off

for the first time in months, i got to enjoy a work free weekend. consecutive days without thinking of deadlines! i thought it would be the perfect time to sketch for fun again. i haven't done that in years.

so what did i want to draw? for my first stress-free drawing in a long time, there sure was a lot of pressure. i had a small window of time.

i really expected myself to come up with some editorial illustration. that's always been fun -- thinking, making a point and drawing. it's so easy to point my loaded pencil at karl rove, raul gonzalez and their ilk.

and then i had a "caddyshack/hotfuzz" moment. why not just put no reason to it. just draw. it's something that will never be on my portfolio ... and i sure hope i can make some more.

announcement: no brain cells were hurt in the making of this sketch.