Monday, August 04, 2008


i finally got to go to the sd comic-con to see what all the fuss is about. even though i live in sd, my work sked prevented me to check it out in the past.

the hollywood & gaming industry's presence was definitely felt, but i was there to see the interesting people & the artwork.

it's hard not to feel the energy at the con. it's like walking in a huge (*star wars ref alert*) mos eisley cantina or (*more geek ref alert*) hellboy's troll market.

just a few of the pics i took:

imperial officer shoots hellboy.

tired jedis (too many storm troopers at the con)

i wanted to buy these "artists" figurines. too bad, they would have looked great beside the da vinci action figure & the larry bird bobble head ... (i should stop typing).

just missed.

watchmen's owlship. great book. hope the movie does it justice.

a family outing - speedy & the green arrow. this just spells comic-con.