Monday, June 18, 2007

updated site

it took a while but i finally updated my website. work, travelling, procrastination and the nba playoffs conspired to delay this. maybe it was a good thing the warriors didn't get past the jazz.

I built the site in 2003, during my senior year in art school. i'm not that tech-savvy so i had to build one that i could easily handle and update. i also didn't have a career then and needed a site to introduce myself to the art world > also known as "anyone-willing-to-pay-me-for-my-art" world.

a few books, a real live art career and two cities later ...okay, 1.5 cities later, the site needed to be updated to fit the times. 

unfortunately, most of my newer illustrations won't be added until they get published (it's a contract thing). so a lot of the illustrations shown on the site have been on the net for some time now. but i'm looking forward to late next year, when a lot of my favorite new illustrations will be published.

the site is no way near done but it now looks clean and less busy. one link is still down and i plan to add more illustrations and icons. for now, it's a step above the previous design. i'll probably be done with the whole thing when the celtics make the playoffs (hah). i'm glad it's only a secondary portfolio site -- most of my clients go directly to my agent's website.