Wednesday, January 30, 2008

écoute répéter

revisions, revisions, revisions. the schedule killer. many a weekends have been crushed by these demands.

exhibit A (top image): my current picture book. i submit a month's work of 26 sketches and 98% are in need of changes.

revisions are normal. in fact, they are expected. and much as I hate re-doing them, well-done art direction usually improves the book. when i look back at some of my initial sketches from previous projects, i shudder to think how unacceptable (to me) the final product would have looked without the requested changes.

exhibit B (bottom image): my sketch of a baseball pitcher in windup. loved that sketch! love the perspective. i loved how everything was bendy and fun.

i did not love the comment for the first sketch -- "make more dynamic and interesting". turns out the art director was right. the second sketch was a marked improvement.

but they sure mess up my free time.

ps: that 2nd sketch hasn't been approved yet...

UPDATE 9/2010: Here is the final art from the above sketches (w/ margins & in full bleed):

* Baseball from A to Z is now available in stores & online.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

idiot of the week award

god knows how to make punishments also, so our country is what it is now because the head of the church went against god’s will. our country is not moving forward.
-- former philippine president joseph estrada, claiming vindication. also added the country was now suffering because the late jaime cardinal sin did not heed “god’s voice” but instead backed the EDSA II people power revolt, despite a vatican order to stay away.

"lightning bolt ready, sir"
st michael

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

baby steps

i go through different stages before ending up with the final art.

of course, each project is different. jobs like picture books, chapter books or editorial art are more challenging and take more time. there are other types of work too, but let's stick with this one to keep things simple.

here is one example of a greeting card project for a bay area based client that i regularly work with (pkpress):

1. client samples - not mine. an art director may send sample art to give me a sense of how she wants the project to look like.

2. first sketch: i also use a lot of photo references and do different thumbnail sketches before finishing a tight sketch.

3. revised sketch w/ color sample: i don't usually do this. but if i have time to spare (not often), i like to do color samples and some problem solving -- in this case, the colors are too muted and in need of warm/cool color adjustments.

it also makes it easier for me when i finally do the finish.

4. art director's comments: an example of the client's comments. note the text placement on top. i always have to consider that.

5. final art with revisions: sometimes, there will be more revisions after final art. sometimes, not always.

6. flames spot art: this client requested flame spot art to be placed on the text -- some artists do text art too. i choose not to be one of them.

7. client's 2008 catalog: this product is advertised in the client's catalog and website. my art is on the upper right corner. note that the intitial text "take off" has now been replaced with "rev up!". good move.

Monday, January 14, 2008

bedtime at the swamp

another new discovery on the interweb. & just posted the cover art for "bedtime at the swamp", a picture book I finished february 2007. that's 11 months ago for those who are counting.

this means i can finally show the cover art. finally.

the book won't be out until july 2008, so these are just pre-sale announcements. i like that it's a summer release. might be a good thing.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

mb artists

hmm, maybe i should be visiting the site more. turns out my art rep's agency has now been officially renamed -- from hk portfolio to mb artists ( ).

me thinks i should try to pay more attention to these things.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

celtics v. lakers

me & 19,000 losers

ray allen free throw. notice the score. bliss.

me, magic & me lucky charm.

the wife & i spent our 3rd anniversary in the belly of the beast (aka staples center). with celtic hat, wristband, converse weapons and a larry jersey, i saw my boys demolish the lakers 110-91.

the teams were sporting throwback jerseys and the lakers even wore short shorts in the first half. jerry west & kareem were in the arena too. good times.

it's going to be hard to top this one.