Wednesday, January 30, 2008

écoute répéter

revisions, revisions, revisions. the schedule killer. many a weekends have been crushed by these demands.

exhibit A (top image): my current picture book. i submit a month's work of 26 sketches and 98% are in need of changes.

revisions are normal. in fact, they are expected. and much as I hate re-doing them, well-done art direction usually improves the book. when i look back at some of my initial sketches from previous projects, i shudder to think how unacceptable (to me) the final product would have looked without the requested changes.

exhibit B (bottom image): my sketch of a baseball pitcher in windup. loved that sketch! love the perspective. i loved how everything was bendy and fun.

i did not love the comment for the first sketch -- "make more dynamic and interesting". turns out the art director was right. the second sketch was a marked improvement.

but they sure mess up my free time.

ps: that 2nd sketch hasn't been approved yet...

UPDATE 9/2010: Here is the final art from the above sketches (w/ margins & in full bleed):

* Baseball from A to Z is now available in stores & online.


C.B. Canga said...

both versions are good.

i guess the styles will depend on what they are going to be used for.

macky said...

Thanks, Chris. Yeah, you're right, It depends on the style they want. As long as the communication between artist & art director is good, there shouldn't be a problem.

Oh, and a consistent portfolio would help too.