Wednesday, December 19, 2007


DET 87 - BOS 85. 
- should have worn that 33 jersey instead. 
- shouldn't have left in the 3rd quarter to pick up pizza
- shouldn't have stood up in the last 1 minute. The team was looking good while i was on my back.

next time, i should know better.

big game alert

my boys in green (20-2) will be battling THE east finals contender today, the detroit pistons (17-7). a certified litmus test for the celtics in this young season. so you can be rest assured that for 3 hours this afternoon, i will be glued to the tv and blowing off any responsibilites or duties i should be doing. 

and if you're wondering, that is an nba fantasy league trophy (a what?!) beside my bird bobblehead. -- awkward silence -- maybe i shouldn't have shared that. i know, it's sad and i need help.... but not until the end of the season! 

bring on the bad boys. now, do i wear the #33 or the #34 jersey for good luck? i feel that these are important questions.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

a swamp thing

so much for that one post a week idea. 

since I'm pretty busy with work right now, I've decided to post some artwork for a book that will be released in summer 2008. it's called "bedtime at the swamp" (harpercollins; written by kristyn crow). my art rep has already posted an image from the book, so i'm assuming it is ok to post two here. note: no text placements yet.

i've noticed that it normally takes a year (or in this case 18 months) after painting is done when the books get published. after working on a book for 6 months, you can forgive me if i can be a little antsy waiting that long to finally see my work in print.

this book i'm especially proud of. so far, i've heard nothing but good things about it from the publishers, clients and the writer. it's actually opened new opportunities too. it's a fun story (it involves swamps, monsters & mud). the cover looks really, really good (too bad i can't show it).

i'm currently working on a hidden picture book with a christmas theme and it's currently kicking my pwet. if you ever see me do another hidden picture book, you have my permission to shoot me.

oh yeah, that's my dog, winter, in the painting (still a puppy). my bro, chris, is on the left looking up and that's the back of my head in the foreground (in a red cape, of course). a larry bird jersey, a celtic bobblehead and a superman figurine shows up too -- hey, i get bored working on the same thing for 6 months.