Monday, February 16, 2009

a flat new world

presenting two cover illustrations for the new flat stanley chapter book series. i can now show them since the they are now available on

i've been working on this new updated version of the flat stanley character since last year & hopefully i can show more once i am able to. as always, i'll wait till after the artwork is shown on book sites like amazon or on the publisher's (harper-collins) website.

these 2 books are from the "flat stanley's worldwide adventure" series. as you can gather from the series title, it has an international theme. i have already completed the third book (a fun japan adventure) and currently working on the fourth book of this series.

i am also illustrating repackages for previously published stanley stories as well as an "i can read" series for beginning readers.  inside each book are numerous pencil illustrations that help follow the story. 

this is a fun series to work on. i get to design some interesting characters including the series lead who is well, flat (and even becomes invisible).  i get to bend & play with the character and even transform him into different objects (i.e. a sail, kite, snowboard and even a ninja!). i'm essentially  drawing a kid that technically has superpowers!