Wednesday, October 31, 2007

my vote

'm a sucker for world events and the news. That's pretty obvious to people who know me well. So, on cue, I have kept up with the current US presidential race within the democratic and Republican parties. Only recently have I realized that this time this race may matter more to me because I may be casting a vote come election time.

So here is my current evaluation of the field:

1. Barack Obama D- My choice from the start. I seem to agree with everything he says. Sweet jumpshot.
2. John Edwards D - Has recently jumped up my list. Has made excellent points. If only the country would pay more attention to him.
3. Joe Biden D - Extremely qualified. Says the right things and is not boring (important nowadays).
4. Hillary Clinton D- Not a favorite but always looks solid. sometimes looks too much of a pol, but cannot deny her skills. Big plus: brings Bill back.

1. Bill Richardson D - Strong UN record. Effective Governor. Horatio Sanz would be perfect to play him on SNL.
2. John McCain R - I don't agree with some things he's said but I like him. Authentic, Talks frankly, non-partisan and a reformer (Immigration, Campaign reform). I'd trust him as a leader.
3. Chris Dodd D - Another Dem who keeps saying the right things.

NO! NO! NO! NO!:
1. Mitt Romney R - Shallow minds think he being a Mormon is a problem. It shouldn't be. The problem is that he's a devout Moron. Has said he would double Guantanamo Bay Prison. Switched on numerous issues to suit his political ambitions.
2. Rudy Guliani R- Joe Biden said it best: "Rudy Giuliani, probably the most underqualified man since George Bush to seek the presidency....I mean, think about it! Rudy Giuliani. There's only three things he mentions in a sentence -- a noun, a verb, and 9/11. There's nothing else!"
3. Fred Thompson R - Still believes Iraq had WMDs. Should stay with fictional law & order.
4. Mike Hukabee R - A creationist as president? Hell no.

1. Dennis Kucinich D - Authentic and opinionated. Hot wife. Claims to have seen a UFO.
2. Ron Paul R - Never thought I'd listen to a Republican congressman from Texas. Solid anti Iraq war, severely criticizes Bush and is not beholden to his party. A Republican? Texas? Extra points for having the best name.

1. Al Gore D- My ultimate pick. But he's too busy saving the rest of the world (and collecting Grammys, Oscars and the Nobel Peace Prize). No tony or Source award yet. slacker.
2. Bill Clinton D- Because he's Bill.
3. Abe Lincoln R- Hey it's my blog. Who else can bring the left and right together but the one who handled the North v. South war? A real Republican.
4. Stewart/Colbert - much better than the current duo. and funnier. Carrell for Secretary of State.
5. Lex Luthor/Darth Vader- We already have evil villains in the White House, why not one that is actually smart and with real battlefield experience? ... with a light sabre. cool.

I've also rooted for the following:
- Al Gore in 2000 (won. then lost)
- John Kerry in 2004 (lost badly)
- George H.W. Bush in 1992 (surprise)
- Roco in 2004 (lost badly...then died)
- Boston Celtics the last 2 decades (i'm mentally scarred by them)
- my teenage self against my younger, shorter, rounder bro during one-on-one basketball (lost)
- The Philippine Olympic Team (never won gold. ever.)
- Optimus Prime in the animated movie (he dies. i weep)
- Springfield over Springsteen (hey, I was a kid)
- Cindy Lauper over Madonna (cindy looked cooler)
- every team against Jordan's Bulls (i still hate mj)

**See a pattern here? Obama's in trouble.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

banner 17

basketball season. finally.
the celtics are finally on the map! kg and ray allen in celtic green. i don't expect a ring (yet), but now we have a chance. the suns are in disarray, dallas will still choke and its a toss up in the east. the spurs are still the favorite, but they only win in odd-numbered years (1999, 2003, 2005, 2007).

* about the pic.. yeah, i know. i was surprised that paul didn't wear a suit too. i've also been hearing talk about this being the next big 3. i think it's unfair to leave ray allen out.

Monday, October 01, 2007

sneak peek

my quest to do artwork for the older market (i'd say adult market but that would be wrong) is once again on hold. seems like my clients' target readers keep getting younger & younger. i'm also doing an ABC book and a christmas hidden picture book. my guess is that my most loyal readers .... um, can't read yet.

*i normally don't post artwork that have not been published yet (contracts, rights, blah), but this one is a test image so what the heck. i'll hold off on what it's about but if i do go ahead on this book, it would be on a topic that is new & strange territory for me.