Monday, April 14, 2008

changes & advertising

late last year, i did a concept illustration for a book project that was being negotiated. in the end, i decided that i could not take the project. though it had potential to become a series & already had a built-in buyer base, something else came up (more on that soon).

my rep & i decided to use the existing art for advertising. she recommended some changes (more color!) and i shifted things to the right size format. it's now the artwork for my page in an illustration annual (last year's art was from the second ant book).

here is the original piece:


C.B. Canga said...

very nice mac. keep it up.

macky said...

thanks chris. glad you like it.

Chickengirl said...

Hey Macky- great to hear from you and very cool to see you have a blog! I'm a big fan indeed and I ALWAYS see your ant books when I make my rounds at the bookstore. :-)

Definitely see ya soon at the MB artists party in sept!

macky said...

hi jannie,
thanks for dropping by. your art certainly stands out on the mb artist roster. you can bet i'll be following your work.

Jose Emroca Flores said...

Yo Mack!!!

This image is looking sweet man!!


macky said...

well, look who showed up. hey, thanks jose.

glad you approve - with not one but two exclamation points! you are in a giving mood.