Monday, March 31, 2008

earth (two) hour(s) and the (electric) power of music

last saturday at 8pm, we did the earth hour thing. we shut off all our lights and lit the candles for an hour -- because nothing is more important than having some one look up at our huge condo building and noticing our dark tiny 5th floor window and getting inspired by such compassion for the earth ... and maybe just maybe shed a tear & turn vegan.

earth hour wasn't a big thing here in SD. non-existent really. maybe it was in the bay area.

since i didn't want to go jose rizal & read a book by candle light, i decided to take a short nap. maybe it was the silence, the peace, that snoring dog or maybe i'm just not a fan of, how you say, "waking up" -- i woke up 2 hours later. that's an extra earth hour! such an earth lover, i am.

amidst the soothing candle light and the energy saving, i could hear the electric guitars & music from outside. our neighborhood annually hosts the san diego indie music festival. the event was about 2 blocks away with multiple stages in closed streets. indie bands rocking out in north park. sweet. add the indie fest to my growing list of san diego events i plan to go to "next time".

my point is? i thought it was funny that while we were doing our earth hour thing in darkness, a block away power generators & bright lights were blasting away in what was probably a rocking party.

switching off our lights for an hour probably didn't amount to anything in the grand scheme of things, but we felt it was important to be a part of.

*illustration for pk press

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