Tuesday, October 20, 2009

a little visit.

my rep's nephew had a school flat stanley project & my rep thought it would be nice to have the book illustrator help out (yep, that would be me). i agreed that this was a great idea and a nice way to show a flat stanley photo tour of davao.

plus, any opportunity i get to look cool in a classroom, even if it's 20+ years too late, was well worth the effort.

then the typhoon swept in.

so much for the outdoor shots. though davao doesn't get hit typhoons (unlike the northern philippines), the city still get it's share of heavy rains & gusty wind...

...which almost rips stanley's arms off. maybe taking a 10th floor rooftop picture wasn't a good idea after all. sorry, stan.

so we settled on the next best idea. fruit shots!
and more fruits.
and of course, the durian. this is davao after all.


claire said...

mangosteen! lanzones! rambutan! kainis ka, nalaway ako.

macky said...

claire - glad to know the picture had the desired effect :)