Saturday, October 31, 2009

if erap starred in a zombie flick...

it's alive!

last week, joseph estrada, the philippine's former jeuteng lord -in-chief, formally announced his bid to run in 2010's presidential elections. that means i get to draw him one more time! so many ways to draw him, so little time. the guy is practically god's gift to filipino editorial artists.

estrada, the mustachoid former b-movie action star, has been ousted from his presidency, convicted of plunder for taking bribes from gambling lords and linked to unsolved murders. oh, there's more., but i'll spare you the details.

and yet, estrada is convinced that he still has a shot at winning back the presidency -- even if his eligibility (by way of a presidential pardon by the current president. ugh.) is currently in question.

for his campaign, he has voiced his support for an all-out war in mindanao (good luck with that) and for the legalization of jueteng, an illegal numbers game that is directly linked to his conviction for corruption. nice.

even for a nation that is notorious for reveling in candidates who show off their folksy inarticulateness as a matter of pride -- that lack of an intelligent grasp of the sophisticated intricacies of government & disguising it as a populist everyman stance that discards facts & knowledge as mere facets of the disconnected elites, estrada is pushing his luck. (hm, sounds familiar - apparently, this national trait is not exclusive in these modern times).

ah, yes, he's back. and i drew him. it's halloween. i like zombies. so, he's a zombie. in a zombie flick.

can you see him hunched down & limping his way to malacaƱang palace, mumbling incoherently with empty bloodshot eyes, hungry to seize what he thinks is his? my god, it's already happening.

*** feel free to use my artwork above. just make sure to credit me if you choose to do so.
** to the pinoy northerners: "kawatan" means "thief/magnanakaw" in bisaya.


ka said...

lol! nice :-))

do you know that he has a movie coming out? (baho isda gyud hehehe)

Mindanaoan (Irene) said...

Hi Macky! Your drawing has been making the rounds over at Plurk and Twitter hehe

Jose Emroca Flores said...

your a nomad.

macky said...

ka - thanks. no, i didn't. not a big surprise though.

irene - it is? that's pretty cool. thanks for letting me know.

jose - yes i am.

GAGAY said...

hola kuya macky! got here a post LOLying me!! anyway, mind for exlinks? seen your link from davao bloggers.thankie!

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Jose Emroca Flores said...

Pacqiuao!! Damn!

Anonymous said...
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macky said...

jose - yep, our boy's a beast.