Saturday, September 19, 2009

this week in asia...

oh, the perils of moving to a new continent through 4 cities & 3 countries in 2 weeks AND catching 3 book deadlines.

a quick sketch after witnessing my lightbox explode (so much for flying it from the states. curse you, 220v watts!):

a big fat mexican history book, my flat stanley bookmark & THAT VIEW. really, mac? were the horns even necessary?:

for curious minds, this is what i'm reading. all 832 pages. it looks like i may never get mexico out of my head:


Randy C said...

Hey Macky - are you staying in Davao long term or is it just an extended visit?

Was that Samal you were visiting? If so, where did you go?

macky said...
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macky said...

randy - i'm not sure what our long term plans are, but we're having our baby in davao (due feb) and will be here many months after that. this will be my longest time spent in davao since '97 (i was 21 then).

the beach is in talikud island near samal. a favorite family picnic spot. less "resorty" and no crowds.

i posted an fb album if you want to see more pix.

Randy C said...

It would be great to hear your impressions of the Davao area after being away so long, once you are settled in for a bit.

Haven't been too active on FB (or anywhere for that matter) so I missed your photos of Talikud the first time. Nice photos and a great spot for a family get together. Going to have to try to make it to Talikud on the next visit to Samal.

claire said...

mack, what page are you on now? the book looks interesting.

miss davao beaches.. sigh.

macky said...

randy c - talikud has been a favorite family getaway for decades now. its recently become more popular, but still secluded & relaxing. i recommend you go take a look.

still figuring out how i mesh my davao impressions in the blog, but i've got a few ideas.

claire - i'm a bit delayed on the book. i ended up finishing 2 kindle books because it was so easy to read them, but i'm back on this book. so far it's interesting, but still early & cortes hasn't even struck land yet.