Sunday, July 19, 2009

sneak peek: my next picture book

i mentioned earlier about finding a preview of the book cover for my next picture book. it's still a long wait until the release (spring 2010) and i've written a few times about this book already (here & here), but i can now show you a peek into one of the interior spreads.

the above image is a low res preview of the page spread with type on it. below is a clearer look at the spread. this is a baseball themed alphabet book and this particular spread is an illustration for the letters S ("shortstop") and T (i honestly can't remember).


Jose Emroca Flores said...

you going to comic con?

I like the baseball ones brozey

macky said...

jose - aw, man. wish i could. i had a blast last year. if i ever do plan to go in the future, i'll make sure to let you know so we can meet up. thanks for the compliment.

claire said...

looks amazing, mack. as usual. :D

macky said...

thanks, claire. maybe moses will enjoy the abc's on this one. give or take a few years from now ;)