Saturday, July 18, 2009

a dog's day

i'm not exactly sure if west highland white terriers like to swim, but mine sure does. winter went straight to the water at the first sight of the parque landeta lake here in san miguel de allende. he's predictable this way. even during our stay in san diego, he would run to the surf as soon as we unlatch his leash. otters & jestskis be damned.

this always worries my wife, fearing he's never going to swim his way back. i love it.

ok, so maybe i got a wee bit worried watching him figure out his way back to the rocks. can those little paws paddle their way to dry land? sure can. that's my boy.

just as i started looking into the bag for the brand new rubber balls i brought for a game of fetch, back he went into the water. again. and again. and again. good thing it was the shallow part this time. i didn't even notice that he still had his harness on.

finally, with the swim portion done, i get to toss a few balls. around this time, winter transforms into a racing west highland white brown terrier.

i'm not sure who enjoys this more, me or the dog. i once said to my wife that i may have found the place i am happiest. the dog park. when my time's up, i wonder if i can ask st. pete for a spot on dog heaven instead. someone's got to throw those balls.


Randy C said...

Gwapong iro!

I like the shot of him on the bank with the look of accomplishment on his face.

Chickengirl said...

I didn't know you had a dog- he's so cute!

macky said...

randy c - gwapo pero maldito. i'm not sure if it was a look of accomplishment or just thinking about the next scheme.

chickengirl - yep. a 3 yr old westie always up to no good :)