Saturday, September 20, 2008

what makes it all worth it

 i had 3 surprise packages in one week. copies of the "bedtime at the swamp" picture book, greeting cards of my latest pkpress illustration ( rock guitarist theme) & the most surprising of all ... copies of "the 12 hidden days of christmas"

"12 days" is not yet even available in stores (oct 7). i usually get my copies way after the release date. 

normally, i become very critical of my artwork when i finally see it in print. but with "12 days" i found myself enjoying the finished product, which surprised me because the book was easily one of my more difficult projects (painting hidden picture book + suspect math skills = crossed-eyes & a lot of re-dos).

the next day, i read the book to my nephew at his younger brother's birthday party. 

the reason i'm writing about this is because i have never, in my 5 years as a book illustrator, read any of my books to any kid. it dawned onto me, while sitting with him, that i've never witnessed any proof that my target readers actually approve of my work - that my artwork, well, works!

 i've been painting blind & just expecting children to "get" the stories.

well, now i know. the books work splendidly. nathan would not get off my lap, alternating between the 2 books & either looking for santa or making those wonderful monster noises that kids do so well.


C.B. Canga said...

well done mac. congrats!

Jose Emroca Flores said...

Good to see you busy buddy. We have to get together sometime. Stuff is looking good!

Anonymous said...
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Claire said...

aww.. mack, this is your most touching post. hehehe. isn't it worth it?? you really do have the best job in the world!

macky said...

c.b. canga - thanks, chris. i'm sure you can relate to this post.

jose - hey, jose, gracias. and thanks for dropping by.

claire - thanks for that compliment. i'm not a great writer, so i'm glad you enjoyed it. 2nd best job in the world (the nba hasn't called yet). but honestly, i really am lucky.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mac, it's Christine. You are so truly talented and it was clear since we were kids that you would flourish as an artist. Every book has been a super duper success in our house. Nathan has loved every book you have done and now little Andrew is starting to show his love for them too and I am sure your legacy will continue with baby #3! Christmas is well over and Nathan still likes to look at your book. We are an M.P. illustrated family!