Sunday, September 14, 2008

north park urban art

some interesting urban art where we live. most of the pix are not mine. i'd credit the photographers but i lost the link sources. unfortunately, most of the artwork have been painted over (i think by new building owners). this is why i had to go find the pics on the net instead. the paint rollers where just too quick for my slow-poke rodriguez camera trigger. most, if not all of them, seem to be business sponsored art. there are more than a few taggers in our neighborhood, but i hate that shit. these ones definitely stood out & made the north park area more appealing to me.

university ave. inbetween 30th & ohio
now painted over. an early favorite.

undisputed gym wall (ohio street)
also painted over. too bad, i enjoyed looking at this while walking the dog.

also on the undisputed gym wall.

linkery restaurant wall (30th street)
solid artwork by acamonchi.


小喬 said...

wow nice blog!!

macky said...

thanks. appreciate you dropping by.