Thursday, July 10, 2008

first review

the kirkus review has written the first review for Bedtime At The Swamp:

"Sitting in the moonlit swamp with his West Highland white terrier, a boy hears, "Splish splash / rumba-rumba / bim bam BOOM!" and knows it's a swamp monster. He high-tails it up a willow, but his sister comes to tell him Ma wants him home for bedtime. When they hear the monster again, she joins him up the tree. Each time a relative arrives to fetch him home, they end up in the tree. Even the monster is frightened into joining them by the strange sound-and then Ma herself appears to march her brood off to bed. They all go "splish splash" in the bath, "rumba-rumba" with their toothbrushes, "bim bam" up the stairs and "BOOM!" into bed. Crow's rhythmic chant and rhymed text are nicely brought to life by Pamintuan's bright, swampy, expressive art, the clean lines and colors making the most of the absurd situation. Bedtime and monsters haven't gone together so well in years. Worth a second copy to have on hand for storytimes on either topic." (Picture book. 3-6)

Thanks to the author, krystin crow, for the heads up.

it's been 2 years since i started on this book, but i'll soon be splish splashing my way to the bookstore's kids section in less than 2 weeks.


C.B. Canga said...

cool mac. i'll be looking out for it. congrats

Chickengirl said...

woohoo! An excellent review! Congrats!

pablo pablo said...

wow, man!
nice face!

macky said...

c.b. - thanks. i don't really post my reviews up here, but the wait for this book was so long that reading this one made me happy.

chickengirl - thanks. congrats on the book series too. i read about it in your blog & it looks great!

pablo pablo - thanks for visiting & the nice comment. the face is actually a spot art from the book.

Andrew said...

Astig! I'll definitely buy this book! :D

macky said...

thanks, drew.