Monday, July 28, 2008

promo spots

once every 2 yrs, mb artists holds a fall party that is attended by the artists & clients. i look forward to this event since this is probably the only time i get to meet the people i work with & the mb artists illustrators who live all over the world.

as always, each illustrator was asked to do a quick b/w spot art with a specific theme. the 1" x 1" spots will be for the invites & promotional giveaway ( a nice booklet with samples of each illustrators' artwork).

this is my spot for the 2006 party:

since the size for the spot art is very small, it only takes a few minutes to do. the tricky part is to keep it simple without much detail so that it can be understood. still, fun stuff.

i got carried away & ended up doing four:


Chickengirl said...

Oh thats alot of fun to see. I'm always curious what the other artists end up doing when Mela asks for them for the promo booklets. You b/w art is very lively.

And lookin' forward to seeing you at the party!

macky said...

thanks jannie. glad to know that one of the mb arteests approves of the sketches.

also looking forward to NY!