Wednesday, June 18, 2008

heaven reeks of cigar smoke tonight.

because coach red is lighting one up. 

the celtics won the championship (after 2 decades, i can actually say this).

there was no way i'd have predicted this season to end this way. a title in boston against the lakers. amazing.

the wife & i saw one nba game this season. it was the celtics in LA in december. i was watching the two teams that would make the finals later that year. how about that?

i stuck with this team since i was a kid, never wavering during the jordan years, the shaq/kobe era & today's lebron generation. i didn't care.  as far as i was concerned, my heroes wore green & white. as a basketball fan the past 2 decades, i stuck out like a sore thumb.

my motivation was that for every bad year, it would make it even more special when the c's finally win one. that, in a sense, i went along the journey with them -- it actually sounded like crazy talk at that time, but, wow, it makes sense now.  it was definitely worth it.

to think, last season, the celtics ranked 29th out of 30 teams.  this year they're nba champions. 

the smiles etched on kg, ray & pierce's faces said it all. i can honestly say i was truly happy for them. 3 classy individuals who deserve their rings. same goes with doc rivers. a gorilla off their backs.

 to me, the post game celebrations were as equally enjoyable as the game. as if i was there celebrating with them, but with a dry shirt. danny boy, you did good.

all-star trios aside, this is still a team game & the celts showed they were the better team. rondo, pose, perk, eddie, the show, pj, big baby and the rest. they deserved this one.



C.B. Canga said...

thanks mac

yeah,, get back to some fun stuff.

every time i practice in other areas of art. i find that it improves my illustrations. teaching, also helps me stay motivated. there are a lot of talented students out there, so i need to practice to keep up with my skills.

i did these with a ball point ben. bic was the brand i

hope all's is well. talk to you more later.

Grant Diaz said...

Hi, I think you are a great supporter of Celtics and you have been following them since childhood.Its nice to see the champion fulfilling their dreams after two decades.As per your saying post game celebration was also as enjoyable as the game.I feel if you would have tried some Cohiba Cigars while watching the celebration it would be much pleasurable ever before. Really the boys with the dazzling cup are in the seventh heaven.

macky said...

thanks, grant. it was very nice of you to write that. you can bet i really had a great time when they won that title.