Thursday, August 05, 2010


For me, painting on photoshop means work. And because of that, it can get tedious & monotonous.

On one of those dreary moments, I took a quick break & decided to play with some of my personal photos. And yes, I did watch that new tron trailer before doing this.

Here, I decided to add a blue visor on the helmet:
This took only a few minutes & may seem odd to some because the highlights on the helmet do not match any existing ambient light. Still managed to fool a few friends though.

On this shot, I took the opportunity to go tron on the suit. Those white lines on dark fabric were screaming for it:
I painted the details on the face & hands a well as the highlights on the figure. Like the first image, this one was also done rather quickly.

(warning: photoshop jargon ahead). Aside from using a blue multiply tint, I duplicated the original photo and placed it as a top layer. Then, I simply lowered the opacity & erased any necessary detail just to get some that original warm skin tone.

Then, just like that, break time was over and I promptly went back to work.

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