Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I have become what I --

I was recently interviewed by the very capable Nikki G. Tan for the Philippine publication, Zee Lifestyle. Those who know me may get a good laugh or two after reading that last sentence. I'm not sure I want to know what they did after seeing these posted pictures.

Yes, there was a photo shoot. Shoot me now.

leaning against wall? gotta go with the bent knee.

I'm in a lifestyle magazine.
The Annual Men's Issue.
In the Philippines.
Where I don't really have a market for my books.
And I follow a puff piece on (quote) the glamorous (unquote) Imelda Marcos.
There's also an article on skin whitening tips for men.
Did I mention it was the Men's Issue?

On the plus side, it was nice to see published pictures of me & my daughter, Alison (around 2 months old then). My mom gets a kick out of this (and thereby boosting Zee mag's sales all by herself). It does feel good getting a bit of notice from the motherland especially since my work is mostly based in the US. And the writing was fun & well done.


Randy C said...

Hey, I think that's very cool regardless of the normal content of the magazine (which I know nothing of).

Another way to get your work out there, not that you need it much at this point.

Dex Tan said...

i need to add this issue to my Zee Mag collection -- which would make my total number of ZMags at um, 1.

regardless, i think it's nice they feature somebody who's not into the usual. and man, the shoot -- you're dressed. and no hint of the boston celtics!

Migs Bassig said...

Sweet! One bent knee: the mark of genius.

Is this magazine sold only in Davao? I need a copy! And did the piece describe you as an "up-and-comer"?

In any event, congrats!

macky said...

Randy C - Thanks, Randy.

Dex Tan - Maybe I should have worn '86 converse weapons?

Migs Bassig - It's a Cebu publication with a Davao segment in the end pages. up-and-comer? hah. I didn't even realize that. I guess 7 years in the biz isn't enough. Tough town.

kaybu said...

wow mack! who knew that among the boyzzz you'd be the one to end up featured in a lifestyle magazine?!?

sooo cute!

now, i'd have to add this to the stack of macky pamintuan books that i give out to my friends' little kids! i wonder if there will be any takers? ;p

macky said...

kaybu - haha. yeah, i was the quiet one among the "boyzzz". you could say I was George & the rest were Ringos. All of them.

Thanks for gifting the kids my books. Though I'd skip this copy for the kiddies: Imelda is in it (Halloween maybe?).

Anonymous said...

mack, you look like chris in this photo.

macky said...

kissacloud - haha. interesting. having hair must have helped.