Tuesday, May 19, 2009

wednesdays in sma

a few weeks back, i decided to join a figure drawing workshop here in san miguel de allende. though i've attended hundreds of these types of workshops before, i haven't actually done one in about 4 years. the rust was clearly showing & i ended the first session a little bit frustrated with myself.

the f.g. workshop i joined is the ana julia aguado gallery right in jardin. the poses were about 30 minutes and i was quite impressed by the variety of trained models. there is also a short gesture workshop on tuesdays, but i've been skipping those.

2-3 sessions later, i saw a bit of improvement. still not yet close the level i wanted but it definitely calm me down some. those close to me know that i can be a bit harsh on myself when it comes to my illustrations (which i actually think is a good thing).

but my main excuse for writing this post is the view from the gallery window:

wine & cheese is also served. AND i also just noticed yesterday that the artwork hanging on the walls are actually original work from mexican art legends diego rivera, david alvaro siqueros & francisco toledo... and it took me 2 months to notice this.

*i have not posted anything new here in weeks. i chalk that up for being the americas slowest book illustrator. i'm currently busy working on a few books (not sure how many but at least four titles). by next month, things should get back to normal.


C.B. Canga said...

nice job man. good to see you figure drawing again. keep it up.

claire said...

mack, really interesting. i see a pinoy hint in your figure drawings. :)

Jose Emroca Flores said...

Oh Damn Mack doing some figure drawing.

macky said...

c.b. - thanks. gotta admit, still a lot of rust to shake off.

claire - haha, you do? salamat, that's got to be a good thing.

emroca - about damn time, huh? i didn't even go to a workshop in northpark... a block away from my place.

Art Fan Ako said...

Beautiful, lovely! Hey, I'm adding you to my links. Anymore pinoys/pinays artists out there? I'm a follower of many in my blog, including Ronnie Del Carmen of Pixar.

macky said...

Art Fan Ako - salamat. i'm not sure what you mean by "there". but my wife & i are the only filipinos in the city. there are definitely more than a few pinoy illustrators in the US though.