Friday, March 20, 2009

stanley repackages

more flat stanley tidbits.

i'm also also working on repackaged titles of the flat stanley series, which was first published in 1964 and now on it's 45th year.

my new version 

i'm basically re-imagining the character from previously published stories. shown here is an example of my version of the 2nd book "flat stanley: flat again!" as well as the previous adaptation of the same story. 

previous adaptation (2003)

*aside from the worldwide adventure series (mentioned below) and these repackages, i am also working on yet another flat stanley series geared for the beginning readers. more on that in the future.


Chickengirl said...

Oh yes, I remember Scott Nash's version of Flat Stanley. You've really updated it well with a much more adventurous feel. (and great perspective too.)

Hope things are well in Mexico!

macky said...

thanks chickengirl. i'm also pleased you know nash's version. i actually like his take a lot.

claire said...

didn't know flat stanley was 45 years old! mack, the scholastic flyers still have nash's versions. i'm watching out for yours. :D

macky said...

hi claire - i didn't either until i signed onto the project :)
there's going to be an ad push & a site launch in may. i'll make sure to let you know. plus, i have some stanley cutouts that your kids might enjoy!

Art Fan Ako said...

Macky, you're pinoy? Guapo! Cool Flat Stanley look! I used this book all the time when I was a children's librarian. We'll sure purchase them for my branch.

macky said...

Art Fan Ako - yes, i'm from davao. glad to hear that you're familiar with the character. hope you enjoy them.