Thursday, November 06, 2008

tv adds 10 pounds to the ears

here's an interview i did last october for a US based filipino tv show that is televised globally. it was also their halloween special so i agreed to throw in a few monster sketches for them.

i planned to show 2 books, "bedtime at the swamp" & "the twelve days of christmas". unfortunately, like always, i probably talked too much & the show had to cut the segment for the christmas book (and a huge chunk of my answer to the last question).

by the way, it was about 4pm and i hadn't yet had a meal that day. not a great idea for a tv show rookie. i think i may have worried the staff a bit with my low key demeanor/hunger. someone behind the camera yelled out "remember macky, ENERGY!" complete with a fist pump. uh, yeah, that helped perk me up.

on the flip side, my mom called & said i looked great! 

but really, i certainly appreciate the opportunity to be on the show. it was a rare treat for a book illustrator like me. it was a lot of fun too & i wouldn't mind doing it again.

my brother, chris, wrote it best in an email:
"they left out the best parts: the bisaya slip (macky doesn't know what's bisaya and what's tagalog) and the 'yeah, maybe lapu lapu. he's the only filipino hero that didn't lose'."

*by the way, chris told everyone he was my manager & everyone believed it. even demanding more make up for me. so i get serious cake on my face... right before the cameras rolled. sweet.


C.B. Canga said...

that's awesome mac. i haven't seen you in some time, so i enjoyed watching this clip. i thought you handled yourself very well in front of the camera. congrats to you and all of you success.

yeah i caught the last minute on tv. so i am glad you put the whole interview on your blog. i'll have to show this clip to more peeps.

keep it up buddy.

Mindanao_Bob said...

Very nice video, Macky. I enjoyed seeing it! You're really a great guy, and I'm proud to know you.

macky said...

c.b. canga - thanks for the compliment. i wish i knew how much time was planned. i think i spoke too much & a lot of it got edited out. maybe a bit unsure too being a tv rookie :)

you saw me on the tube? that's funny. maybe should have mentioned my colleague/pinoy artist/academy professor :)

macky said...

mindanao_bob -hola bob. glad you enjoyed the vid. i wasn't sure about posting it, but i'm now glad i did.

thanks so much for your kind words. much appreciated.

Witness Street said...

Wow, Macky. That was an unbelievable interview. I love your take on the Manananggal!

By the way, I was inspired by what you'd said - "not a believer of talent per se": so true. Talent, when not nurtured with overdoses of passion and love, doesn't get us anywhere.

Cheers. Keep it up and keep doing your thing.

Migs (from LiP)

Jose Emroca Flores said...

That was really cool Mack. If I didn't know you, I would have actually believed you were very professional. hehe.
Very happy for you brother.
Nice blazer.

macky said...

witness street - thanks, migs. nice to see you dropping by.

don't get me started on the talent thing. some people i know roll their eyes when i do.

i've seen people practically start out drawing stick figures & weeks later, completing amazing portraits. they would not have been classified as talented people in the beginning.

i'd like hard work & passion to be the validated. much like you & your wonderful writing, i'm assuming. "you are so lucky that you are talented" sound like such a cop out.

macky said...

jose - hey, jose. thanks. still waiting for your G4 interview clip :)

looking professional & with blazer. yeah, it was a weird day. i'm now back in shorts & a backward baseball cap.

Randy C said...

Hi Macky - I guess it's been awhile since I visited. Thanks for posting that, it was nice to get to see you and I thought you did a great job.

GUess I'll have to stop by more often now that you're settled in and posting more often.

macky said...

Hi Randy C - thanks for the compliment. I didn't get to post a lot in December because of my work sked, but I hope to post more in the next few weeks. Feel free to visit the blog anytime.