Wednesday, November 26, 2008

border crossing

i just moved to mexico. san miguel de allende, mexico to be exact. which would partly explain my lack of new posts (another reason: usually late in the year the publishers throw everything at me. i suspect the holidays & year-ender deadlines are the main culprits).

i hope to get back on track soon & update this blog. at the moment, i've got a new found fascination for mexican culture & history. san miguel is perfect for that. it's quite an artist town too & i've already met a few of them.

i'm guessing my current picture book will be heavily influenced by the bright colors & architecture that surround me ( it's called "alfred zector: book collector" - about a boy who loves collecting books & in the course, practically drains a whole town of them. more on that later).

last note. in the last 2 months, i've visited both of the US' neighbors, canada & mexico (the hat & the pants, ha). and even though i i've always been aware of this, it's still fascinates me how little we (as in, US residents) know about our neighbors. there is this never-ending caricature of mexico & canada that now seem so lazy & outdated. i get the humor, in fact i find them funny, but i wish a few more americans could see what they are missing out on.

anyway, i'm now excited to explore my new home. there are pyramids, colonial ruins & an exotic rich history to be discovered. plus, andy & red's beach (ehrm, shawshank redemption) is only an extended bus ride away! (publishing gods please be kind, heh).


*istin* said...

mack.. alfred zector sounds like MY book! ha ha.

i love mexican colours and am excited to see the influence in your future books!

Donna said...

Welcome to San Miguel! You are going to love living here.

I don't see how your new book could NOT be affected by the glorious colors, textures and buildings of San Miguel de Allende. It will be fun to see how it invades your mind and heart.

If your readers would like to know (and see) more about your new home, they can check out

Lots of info, lots of photos, history, insider tips, etc. about living in this magical town.


Avidya said...

Welcome to San Miguel,

I'm sure you'll love it here. It you need anything,get it touch, I'd love to be of help.

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local: [415] 154.8465

ramanjit said...

very nice work.

macky said...

*istin* - i thought you'd enjoy that premise - more for your collection :). the pressure's on me now.

macky said...

donna & avidya - thank you. i am certainly enjoying san miguel (so much to see!). thanks also for showing me your links. i am sure they will be helpful for me while i get settled in this town.

if you see me wandering in the jardin, which i do almost daily, feel free to say hi.

macky said...

ramjanit - thank you for dropping by & appreciate your comment. i just visited your blog. good luck with your caricatures.

Jerarde said...

Hey Macky!Its Jerarde from the Academy, long time no see! I was frolicking about on various blogs when I stumbled on your link from Chris's(CB) blog. I can't believe Ive missed this. Great work! I'll be checking out your blog from now on. I'm going to add your link to my blog.

macky said...

hi jerarde - good to hear from you & glad to see that you blog too. i'll make sure to check on it regularly & i've also added you to my links too.