Friday, March 08, 2013

Step by Step Illustration process.

Here's a look into how I finish an illustration. The artwork is for the 2013 Workbook.

Given that this artwork is for promotional purposes, I allow myself to experiment more and play with my subject. The NBA playoffs is starting soon and I just couldn't pass up the chance to do a Paul Pierce illustration. 

Go Celtics.

 1. Small thumbnail sketches to map the composition. 
Very rough, loose work. It's more of searching for ideas rather than refining details.

2. Rough sketch.
After choosing the composition I like, I then start adding details. I also make sure that I retain the flow and vibrancy of the thumbnail. Sometimes, the sketch's energy can get lost during this transfer.

3. Final sketch
Yeah, I had fun.

4. Final art (with bleed).
The bleed (the space outside the bordered lines around the image) will be cropped off when published, but I seem to enjoy the look of it so I am keeping it here.

And yeah, Go Celtics.

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