Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Last March, I took a much needed break and travelled to Cambodia to see Angkor Wat & nearby sites.

The ancient sites & ruins definitely did not disappoint.

Of course, Stanley came along for the ride.

Gave my tuk-tuk driver (and architecture enthusiast) a one-on-one sketch tutorial.

Visited the floating village in the massive Tonle Sap Lake.

And did a 45 minute hike up a mountain to see the fascinating Kbal Spean ruins.

Siem Reap's a great tourist town with friendly people in a country rich in history. All in all, a worthwhile trip to take. If you plan a visit, I recommend staying at Rosy Guesthouse, an affordable, clean guesthouse with a wonderful staff who will make you feel at home.


Randy C said...

I wasn't aware of these, though I know almost nothing of Cambodia really, so I guess that's not surprising.

The first photo in particular is really "out of this world".

Looks like it was a very worthwhile vacation.

Now get back to work ;-)

Macphisto said...

Hi Randy - Is it that obvious that I was avoiding work? :) You should check out my Cambodia album on FB. Lots more pics + narration. Had a tough time narrowing it down to 5 for this post.